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End Legal Bribery of Congress

Section 1: No elected member of the legislative or executive branch shall accept money, in-kind donations, offers of employment or anything of value from non-citizens of the United States. Section 2. Nothing contained in this Amendment shall be...
Ara Rubyan, 25.09.2011, 18:56
294 votes Vote

eliminate the electoral college.

Elect the president by popular vote.
Dean Dietrich, 30.09.2011, 17:58
223 votes Vote

Contributions only from individuals

Whereas Members of the House of Representatives, Senators, and the President and Vice-President are elected by the People: 1. No person except a Citizen of the United States entitled to vote in a federal election shall make any financial...
Alan Kovacs, 23.09.2011, 16:07
206 votes Vote

Make Presidential Election Day a Federal Holiday

The day of the election for President of the Unites States every 4th year should be a Federal holiday to ensure that all who wish to vote will be able to do so. This will eliminate much of the party gamesmanship and ensure that the people can...
Jim Balestrieri, 07.10.2011, 14:39
151 votes Vote

Limitations on Donations to Political Campaigns

Article 1: Only living, human beings are allowed to make donations (i.e. be a "donor") to a political campaign of any person running for office or potentially running for office. Article 2: Congress may not limit the amount any donor may donate....
luvmusic, 01.10.2011, 00:21
141 votes Vote

Limit Supreme Court terms to 12 years

Every four years, three justices are termed out and three new ones appointed.
DEAN DIETRICH, 30.09.2011, 18:00
136 votes Vote

New constitutional convention every 20 years

Thomas Jefferson felt it might be good for our nation to have a new revolution every twenty years or so, believing this would provide necessary changes in a timely manner; it would seem he was already familiar with the propensity of institutions,...
Patrick McIntyre, 13.09.2011, 23:27
134 votes Vote

Ban on corporate involvement in politics

Corporations are not permitted to send lobbyists to Congress, are not permitted to make campaign contributions, or in any other way financially support any member of Congress or any Congressional function.
Cody A. Reynolds, 17.10.2011, 06:12
105 votes Vote

Congress must live under the laws that they pass.

Let congress pay social security tax, have to get health care ( or not)like everyone else, establish and manage their own pensions. Everything else will follow from this More importantly why is no one asking the candidates about this ? Will you...
robert mintz, 20.11.2011, 13:58
1 comment
104 votes Vote

Congressional Term Limits

Limit Senatorial terms to two six-year terms or fifteen years (in the style of Presidential term limits, two four-year terms or ten years) and Representative terms to five two-year terms or eleven years.
Cody A. Reynolds, 17.10.2011, 06:08
103 votes Vote

Restore Full Representation Rights to the District of Columbia

Make the District of Columbia a part of Maryland again thereby giving the citizens of the District the same representation rights as any other US citizen.
luvmusic, 01.10.2011, 00:59
92 votes Vote

One Subject at a Time

All Acts, Bills, and Joint Resolutions passed by Congress, and all Orders and Regulations issued by the Executive Office (hereinafter, the Act), shall comprise of one and only one Subject, specified in the Title. Only the Provisions of the Act...
shanedk, 05.11.2011, 14:51
89 votes Vote

Political Corruption Amendment

1. Set limits on any concrete (money, gifts) or abstract (favors, votes) rewards given to politicians while in office or campaigning. 2. Prohibit elected officials from lobbying 2 years before and 7 years after holding office. 3. 75% of all...
Christopher Pursley, 22.10.2011, 00:18
87 votes Vote

Implement instant-runoff voting

Allow ranking of candidates in preferred preference while voting as opposed to having to choose a single candidate, thus allowing people to vote their conscience without worries of 'spoiling' elections.
Josh Musket, 14.10.2011, 03:54
82 votes Vote

End Federal Cannabis Prohibition

To end the application of Federal laws to the distribution and consumption of Cannabis.
David Steece, 01.11.2011, 13:26
74 votes Vote

We need a balanced budget amendent.

The federal budget should be balanced on a yearly basis except in times of war that has been declared by Congress
Ken Watts, 24.01.2012, 02:45
71 votes Vote

Execution of Congressional Duties

All members of Congress, during the execution of their duties, shall be restrained by and abide by all laws imposed upon the businesses and citizens of the United States.
Paul, 02.10.2011, 10:30
71 votes Vote

End Institutional Secrecy

Secret decisions and actions on the part of public institutions is not compatible with a democratic society. Henceforth all institutions of government and all legally recognized corporations must promptly satisfy requests for information unless...
joe, 17.10.2011, 07:10
70 votes Vote

Term Limits on every political office

Term Limits on every political office in the nation shall be implemented to prevent abuse of power, or for that matter, gaining to much power.
F. Frances, 24.10.2011, 02:57
70 votes Vote

public campaign finance

Only public money shall pay for candidates. After their parties nominate them, six months before the election, each candidate shall each be an equivalent amount of money to be specified by Congress, and they may only spend that amount on their...
James Salsman, 12.12.2011, 08:10
67 votes Vote

Introduce taxation on religious institutions.

Religious organizations should hold no special status in this country that exempts them from paying taxes. They are no different from any other for-profit business.
iceclimbr, 08.11.2011, 00:01
64 votes Vote

End filibuster of presidential appointments and proposals

Article II Section 2 Clause 2 He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the...
Ben Fiedler, 01.10.2011, 02:40
53 votes Vote

Repeal of the 16th Amendment

The 16th Amendment removed the Constitutional control that the Founding Fathers required for Federal Direct Income Taxes. The Founding Fathers wanted Direct Taxes to be only levied according to the census. The 16th Amendment gave Congress...
Edward Machnik, 08.12.2011, 11:26
49 votes Vote

Government funding only for political campaigns

Make government funding available to all candidates running for office, disallowing the use of non-governmental money as a part of any political campaign, placing all candidates on a more even playing field.
Josh Musket, 21.10.2011, 16:10
48 votes Vote

Inclusive Equal Rights Amendment

Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex or sexual orientation. Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the...
Alice Lindley, 16.10.2011, 02:34
48 votes Vote

Permit the video taping of law enforcement officials

Section I. All laws, regulations, rules, resolutions, and other acts adopted by Congress to prohibit the video taping of law enforcement officials are rendered null and void. Congress is prohibited from adopting further such laws. Section...
Chris Goodwin, 27.10.2011, 01:12
1 comment
45 votes Vote

One Subject At a Time

All Acts, Bills, and Joint Resolutions passed by Congress, and all Orders and Regulations issued by the Executive Office (hereinafter, the Act), shall comprise of one and only one Subject, specified in the Title. Only the Provisions of the Act...
Shane Killian, 05.11.2011, 14:50
1 comment
42 votes Vote

create fixed terms for copyrights and patents

1. Any copyright, patent, or other exclusive right granted to promote the progress of science and the useful arts, shall be limited in duration to a fixed number of years, determined at the beginning of such term. 2. Congress shall have no...
Gregory Gauthier, 17.10.2011, 00:57
42 votes Vote

Direct Internet Democracy

The Senate and the House of Representatives shall be disbanded and all Legislative authority shall hence forth rest with a non-anonymous direct democracy of the citizens. To this end, each citizen will be allowed to publish a cryptographic...
joe, 17.10.2011, 06:45
38 votes Vote

Election Rules and Term Limits

Section 1: Representatives shall be elected by popular vote from districts that may not exceed a population of 500,000 people, which are to be defined as human citizens of the United States. Section 2: Representatives shall serve 3 year terms and...
luvmusic, 01.10.2011, 00:50

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