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End Legal Bribery of Congress

Section 1: No elected member of the legislative or executive branch shall accept money, in-kind donations, offers of employment or anything of value from non-citizens of the United States.

Section 2. Nothing contained in this Amendment shall be construed to allow Congress or a State to make any law abridging the freedom of speech.

Ara Rubyan , 25.09.2011, 18:56
Idea status: under consideration


joe, 17.10.2011, 07:21
So far as I can tell, this proposal does nothing to prevent highly paid lobbyists from offering bribes as individual citizens. In fact, politicians could simply filter all their perks and bribes via a designated middleman citizen and be in compliance.
Ara Rubyan, 17.10.2011, 10:11
Then have a law against that if the need arises. But first make a strong effort (which this is) to stop money from buying results at the incumbent level of congress.
Other laws (and amendments) will be necessary to get money out of politics -- some are listed on this website. This would simply be the first and most important one to be implemented. All the rest would flow from this.
DMFairchild, 19.10.2011, 05:11
I'll borrow this post since new ideas are not being allowed ...

Proposed Amendment to the Constitution

Title: Limit Voting time and Government funded elections.

This amendment enhances Article I Section 4 and Article II Section 1 of the Constitution.

Section 1: - Congress shall limit the time from the first voting to the final election of the President, Senate and Representatives to no more than 6 months.

Section 2: - Congress shall fund the Presidential, Senate and Representative elections at a level equal to the commercial expenditure of the previous election cycle through vouchers issued to everyone who voted in the previous election and redeemable by any qualified candidate for the office.


Section 1 attempts to manage the cost of elections to candidates by limiting the time during which they would need to be campaigning. This would encompass the time from the first primary or caucus to the general election.

Section 2 attempts to offset the influence of large contributors and to encourage private individuals to re-engage in the political system. For example, if 200 million was spent on the the preceding Presidential primary by all candidates, parties and issues campaigners. And 20 million people collectively voted in the primaries then all 20 million voters would receive a voucher for $10 which could only be redeemed by a candidate in the upcoming Presidential primary. There are some potential issues with this but with today's technology, they should be resolvable.
DMFairchild, 19.10.2011, 05:12
In response to your suggestion... What about money given to "Issues Groups" or to Political Parties?
John Emerson, 20.10.2011, 17:33
I do not support this. It is a waste of time to support a half measure like this. We must end corporate sponsorship and massive contributions from the extremely wealthy. Get spin and the media under control.
Catherine Jydstrup, 20.10.2011, 21:17
I've signed Dylan Ratigan's petition toGet Money Out:


To own our democracy we must Occupy it.
ara, 21.10.2011, 13:39
that's a great org! sign that petition too!
Ara Rubyan, 21.10.2011, 15:03
For the record, "non-citizens" can also include "corporations" because, although the SCOTUS said "corporations are people," no one really believes a corporation is a citizen.
Louis A . Papalia, 14.11.2011, 15:38
Most of us are very willing to do what ever is needed., to get these crooked politicians out of office, and become a real democratic country., in every sense of the word..
Ara Rubyan, 14.11.2011, 16:11
I see it like being an intervention of the Congress by the people of the USA. Until they stop taking campaign cash from corporations, nothing else good can happen. In other words, it's not the most important thing we can do nor is it the only thing we can do. But it is simply the FIRST THING that has to happen before anything else can be accomplished.
edward machnik, 18.12.2011, 22:34
All campaign contributions not spent in an election year shall be taxed 100% into the treasury to reduce the DEBT.
michael ryan, 06.03.2012, 03:17
I think this concept is important and in the right direction. NO BRIBING from ANYBODY... See below

1. Extend Article 1 section 9 to include any domestic source… Make it ILLEGAL for congress to accept any money or favors. This is not illegal today.
a. No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person or candidate holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the congress, accept of any present, emolument, campaign funds, or in kind equivalent, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any person, corporation or other entity.
2. Strict rules on electing officials in the constitution…
a. All federal elections will be funded by the federal government. Four candidates will be identified using a petition process gathering signatures from their respective district. Funding the petition process is up to the parties supporting the candidate. The top four candidates will receive funding from the Federal Election Commission six months prior to the election. No other funds can be used for electioneering during the 6 month window leading up to the election.
3. Strict rules on money is not speech…
a. Spending money on an election, or promoting a political decision or influencing legislation is not the same as free speech protected under the first amendment and may be regulated by federal law. No expenditure of funds other than the candidates federally provide funds for six months prior to an election will be allowed.
Christopher Simmons, 26.03.2012, 00:24
As written, it appears that this amendment would impose no restrictions on candidates who are not currently elected members of the legislative or executive branch. I suggest rewording it to close this loophole.
sirhotalot, 30.03.2012, 22:50
This has the right idea, so I vote for it with the expectation that it will be fixed. As it's currently written it's useless.
Ken, 18.07.2012, 14:36
Why not throw in term limitations on that too?
Patrick McIntyre, 22.07.2012, 18:08
This is an unnecessary amendment, there are already laws on the books to deal with this, and it is dangerous to use a document that is supposed to only lay out the framework of the government to micromanage what any American may or may not do.
ScottAmorian, 03.11.2012, 18:26
I agree with Patrick. Amendment 9 protects the rights of the people. We have a right to a Congress that is not corrupted by bribes. Campaign donations need to be filtered through a clearinghouse that keeps the identities of donors from being known by the candidates. Any time an elected politician accepts money from someone, and the politician knows the identity of that someone, the money is a bribe. This is better addressed by law than by Constitutional Amendment. The problem is how to enforce the law on the elected officials. This requires an enforcement authority that is outside of the usual elective process.
David Mayes, 22.08.2012, 15:27
It must contain language making it it a crime to accept any monetary gain or accepting an honorarium outside the pay afforded by the public. The lobby of our representatives corrupts them quickly and often sways them from carrying out the will of the people.
Glide08, 11.03.2016, 07:59
"No guarantee shall be granted either directly or indirectly in money, its equivalent, via services or any other kind of benefit, for the ensurance of the performance of an agreement or commitment made with civil officers, and such guarantees will not be valid."

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