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Transform the political conversation and establish an ongoing, inclusive "We the People"

The Wise Democracy Amendment: (See www.WiseDemocracy.org)

Section 1—The Wisdom Council Process: There shall be an ongoing series of National Citizens Wisdom Councils, at least three per year. Each Wisdom Council is composed of twelve citizens randomly selected from voter registration roles, who gather for three to five days. They choose an issue of vital importance and create unanimous win/win perspectives. These perspectives are labeled “Statements of the People.” In a national ceremony each Wisdom Council presents its “Statements” and the story of how they were developed back to all the people for their consideration. Once it presents these Statements of the People, the Wisdom Council disbands until a new Wisdom Council is randomly selected four months later.
Section 2—The National Conversation: The Wisdom Council presents its unanimous views to a national audience in a new "State of the Union" ceremony. After the presentation all citizens are encouraged to converse with others both face-to-face and online, and are given an opportunity to register their level of support for the Statements. Over time this ongoing cycle of Wisdom Councils facilitates one ongoing national conversation that evolves near-unanimous “We the People” solutions to problems. This Amendment essentially creates a perpetual U.S. Constitutional Convention with all citizens as delegates.
Section 3—The Quality of Conversation: It is essential that each Wisdom Council be facilitated in a way that assures "choice-creating," a heartfelt, creative, collaborative quality of talking and thinking. This ordinarily means Dynamic Facilitation is used to assure that ordinary, diverse citizens (non-representatives) face complex, impossible-seeming issues and achieve thoughtful, unanimous solutions and conclusions. It also assures that the Wisdom Council results and the story of how those results developed will resonate with the vast majority of people.
Section 4—Oversight of the Process: A rotating group of twelve former Wisdom Council members will assure capable facilitation and provide for support to the national “We the People” conversation. Three elected members from each of the previous four Wisdom Councils will serve on the Oversight Committee. The Oversight Committee shall also be dynamically facilitated.

Jim Rough , 25.09.2011, 22:36
Idea status: under consideration


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