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Presidential Appointments

Section 1: The President has the power to appoint whomever he/she chooses to any cabinet and governmental position without the need for Congressional approval.
Section 2: The Senate may remove any cabinet or governmental appointee if 75% or more of the Senators vote for removal.

luvmusic, 01.10.2011, 02:05
Idea status: under consideration


GabeDowney, 20.01.2012, 16:33
I would be concerned about the implications relating to the Supreme Court, or any other lifetime appointments, but on the whole I think this is a wonderful proposal.
luvmusic, 20.01.2012, 21:37
The Supreme Court is different, since it is the third branch of government. The existing rule for congressional approval should stand. My proposal was intended for all the appointments that go on in the executive branch.
David Jacobson, 11.06.2012, 19:02
This would be great. Until someone is elected that you don't agree with at all. Furthermore, there would be a potential for removal and replacement of all government positions every four years. People would be more concerned with saving their jobs than actually doing them. I know, not much different than it is now, but it would ramp up the desperation.

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