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Mandatory School Vouchers

Each public school district in the United States upon request by parents or legal guardians of a child student shall issue a monetary voucher to the parent or guardian in an amount equal to the average cost of public school students in its district. Such private schools must qualify to the minimum standards established for public school students but there shall be no restrictions as to the curriculum beyond those standards. Otherwise there shall be no restrictions upon the decisions of the parent or guardian. Conversely if parents or guardians find certain courses offensive to their religious or philosophical standards, upon request of the parent or guardian the school will provide a substitute course.

Rogers Littlejohn , 07.10.2011, 04:40
Idea status: under consideration


edward Machnik, 12.12.2011, 02:55
I disagree with the mandatory school voucher. Education should be left to the States. Communities should issue vouchers based upon the average school department tax per homeowner to those opting out of the public school system and to those without children in the system.

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