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Make Presidential Election Day a Federal Holiday

The day of the election for President of the Unites States every 4th year should be a Federal holiday to ensure that all who wish to vote will be able to do so. This will eliminate much of the party gamesmanship and ensure that the people can participate in our most sacred right without fear of losing their livelihoods.

Jim Balestrieri , 07.10.2011, 14:39
Idea status: under consideration


Alice Lindley, 16.10.2011, 03:04
Oregon has an excellent vote by mail system. There is no need to stand in line.
Nick, 27.04.2012, 23:46
Considering all the people who sacrificed and fought and died for your right to vote, I'm sorry you feel so bothered to stand in line.

Election day needs to be a celebrated holiday every year.
luvmusic, 17.10.2011, 12:22
I would go one step further and say that Veterans Day should be election day. What better way to honor our veterans than to exercise our right to vote?
Luke, 19.10.2011, 01:12
Quite interesting! 17 year old High School student from Michigan here. I'm not much of a history or civics geek, but I got into political movements tonight; after seeing a youtube video of a marine soldier speaking out against NYPolice, and getting lost through pages of the wall street movement, and eventually ending here. I looked through several of these amendments, which where a little confusing; but I completely grasped and understood the majority of them.
To me this amendment makes sense in giving everybody who's eligible to vote the ease of voting, not having to worry about work or daily task being in the way. But, in reality I think everybody can make enough time to vote for the president. This is one of the most important duties as an American citizen, and if someone ask why you couldn't fit that important activity in your schedule. Just say you where voting for the next president, and I'm sure they'll understand. It's the president after all, and I'm sure I don't need to explain why he's so important.
DMFairchild, 20.10.2011, 05:40
Right now we have several states trying to implement measures to make it more difficult to vote. I'm for anything that will make it easier to vote and especially anything that will get more people involved in the political process. Like Alice above, I live in Washington (the state) and we vote by mail.
Jeff, 03.07.2012, 19:24
What an ignorant statement, no state is making it more difficult to vote, they are passing laws requiring IDs so that only those legally allowed to vote can. Stop drinking the koolaid and spewing liberal talking points...
Nick, 27.04.2012, 23:42
I have been thinking about this for a while, and I take it a step further.

Election day is a holiday,,, EVERY YEAR. It is the most sacred right we have, why is it not a holiday. Elections should then be restructured to provide a legitimate race every year.

Election day is also moved to a summer date, and advanced voting or voting by mail discouraged. Voting should be an celebrated event.
Alice Lindley, 28.04.2012, 18:19
I find many other ways to honor the memory of those who fought and died and continue to fight for freedom. I disagree with the idea that standing in line is some form of patriotism. The point is that Oregon has an effective system that gets greater voter participation.
Jeff, 03.07.2012, 19:26
Good idea, let your elected officials know now, this doesn't need to be in the constitution.
Ethan Thomson, 16.08.2016, 18:39
This is a great idea. Fried Chicken should be available every day of the year, WHY limit the possibilities. Jello is sooooo good. I like pizza too. More days off would mean more cards and minecraft, so you know why not. I am already a trusted citizen due to my cheating in school, I mean how else would I have made it through Japanese. The constitution, who needs that trash. Let monkeys rule the world like planet of the apes and build transformers to fight them. Then we would have a real country on our hands. Period

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