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End elections, choose leaders by lottery.

The problem with our politics is money gets people elected. Choose representatives by lottery. This new system would allow people other than rich lawyers to get into office. The corporations would not know who to bribe. A homeless congressman would be possible, or a retired teacher, unemployed car factory worker, even rich business men.

matt , 09.10.2011, 20:50
Idea status: under consideration


Mike Brown, 21.10.2011, 20:53
Of course meny people voted in on a lottery would be vulnerable to bribery!
David Jacobson, 11.06.2012, 18:10
And what happens when the majority of those who sign up for the lottery are uninformed yahoos who just want attention and have no intention of actually doing what the jobs entail? Can you imagine the cast of Jersey Shore running the country?
matt, 11.06.2012, 23:07
The system would change, people would be more informed because there would be no elite class controlling them and keeping them in the dark. If more than half of us are uninformed, and an uninformed person gets a leadership position, it seems fair to me. This leader will speak for the uninformed, the poorly educated, those who have never owned land or a house. Under our current system money buys education, this heeps the poor uninformed and docile. If we had to risk the least of us being in charge maybe we would invest more in education.
dawidio, 12.06.2012, 01:44
I don't know, Matt. I am (I would say) a little more informed than the average person, and I prefer to have more informed people representing my interests. I do agree that education should be more of a priority instead of other things (defense and so forth), but maybe that's where the spotlight should shine. Not on ending the election process, but on educating the masses a little more. If more people knew how government institutions affect their daily lives, perhaps they would be more inclined to care. For the sake of argument, what would happen if someone was chosen who didn't want to be there? Would it be compulsory? Or would there be a new drawing until someone stepped up? I have a child at home and am a full time student with a part time job... I wouldn't want the responsibility of government leadership on top of all of that.

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