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Ban on corporate involvement in politics

Corporations are not permitted to send lobbyists to Congress, are not permitted to make campaign contributions, or in any other way financially support any member of Congress or any Congressional function.

Cody A. Reynolds , 17.10.2011, 06:12
Idea status: under consideration


mcmaced, 12.12.2011, 11:09
A very BAD idea unless Unions are banned to do the same.
MoveForward, 02.01.2012, 01:53
I would actually suggest abolishing lobbying, regardless of the source - Unions, Corporations, Religious Organizations, everyone. Probably unconstitutional but you can't just limit the restriction to Corporations. That would be discrimination.
JohnFlanery, 04.02.2012, 02:18
Howabout: "An organization which makes an expenditure intended to influence government policy must be created for that sole purpose." Thus we preserve freedom of association.
sirhotalot, 30.03.2012, 23:25
All lobbying needs to be banned.
Sofis, 20.04.2012, 11:19
Thanks for tainkg the time to post. It's lifted the level of debate
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Nick, 28.04.2012, 00:05
A better idea, declare a difference between "natural persons" and "legal persons" (corporations), and prohibit legal persons from influencing government.
Jeff, 03.07.2012, 19:38
Agree, the only reason cooperations are allowed to contribute is that they are defined as a legal person. If we limit this to natural person or we amend to say cooperations are not to be considered legal persons or groups of people then we fix a lot more problems than just this one.
NomosSoter, 17.10.2012, 08:26
Corporations have been around longer than the U.S.. Even the United States of America is incorporated. There is probably no easy way to get them out of government so what if we gave them their own house checked and balanced by the representatives and senate. A tri cameral legislature if you will.

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