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merge socialism and capitalism.

so that the shortcomings of one is covered by the other and the benefit goes to the public and not to the power holders in any nation.

Niranjan , 19.10.2011, 18:58
Idea status: under consideration


Edward Machnik, 12.12.2011, 00:02
We are on our way to socialism if we keep electing democrats like Clinton and Obama.
dan, 13.06.2012, 18:11
true dat
Ivyjay, 02.05.2012, 03:21
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woodmantech, 04.05.2012, 18:38
This amendment is highly ridiculous, just based on it's title alone. Whoever asked for this CLEARLY doesn't understand what Socialism and Capitalism really are. The two are mutually exclusive on every point. Merging them is like mixing oil and water.
Jeff, 03.07.2012, 20:58
Woodmantech is right, this amendment shows a complete lack of understanding of the economic principles of both socialism and capitalism to think they can just be merged by magic.
Alen, 04.07.2012, 02:24
thanks to people like you who tend to follow what other's have done or said, world seems to be stuck in one place. But never mind, it's out of your reach to understand what lies beyond the principles of your so called modern economics and your vision of magic to achieve something which for now seems awkward. Good luck.
Jeff, 05.07.2012, 05:34
Alen, you know nothing about me so don't pretend to... It's people like me that aspire to more that make capitalism succeed and made the US the top of the world. Just because I happen to be on my mobile and it's shorter to agree with someone else that write a long argument doesn't even start to explain my full thoughts on the subject.

And for you to counter that and continue to promote failed ideas like socialism or some modified form of it that we keep regressing backwards which slows down any chance we have of moving forward. But it isn't progress you wand it some "progressive" agenda which has nothing to do with progress, it has to do with a race to mediocrity.

Socialisms key principle is state control, all spoils shared so everyone is supposed to be on the same socio-economic level.

Capitalism promotes private ownership and private success for those who succeed in the form of profits.

What's your proposal to merge those with some happy medium? If you take away the profit drive of private business then there is no more incentive. Socialism does not work because it is not consistent with fundamental principles of human behavior as it ignores incentives.

The reason it has got to be magic is that is ignorant to believe you can take a system proven to fail where it's implemented (socialism) and merge it with the most successful system the world has seen (capitalism) and somehow end with something that is better than capitalism. It will always be worse because the socialism piece will drag down capitalism.
NomosSoter, 17.10.2012, 10:20
Pretty sure we have a mixed economy here anyway unless your going to public school at a walmart and driving on roads paved by Walmart to get there. Moderation is the key to a successful country. Some of you have been fear mongered into the most ridiculous ideas of radical nonsense its almost borderline fascism
ghcooper, 22.06.2015, 21:24
That is not Capitalism.

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