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Forfeit 4th Ammendment Rights for LLC, publicly traded companies, and 501(c) groups.

1)Congress shall have the power to revoke all 4th Amendment rights of LLC's, publicly traded companies, 501(c) groups, and other non-individual entities for the sole purpose of informing the American public of the financial transactions of these groups.
2)Congress shall make no law to revoke the 4th Amendment to investigate non-financial matters of the non-individual entities mentioned in section 1.
3)The provisions in this clause may not be used to deprive an American citizen of due process.

transparentsam , 20.10.2011, 06:00
Idea status: under consideration


Kirk Kullby, 16.11.2011, 04:17
Of all of the notions posted to this web page I I consider this one to be of greatest importance. To grant standing, essentially personhood, under Constitutional Law, businesses, and PAC Groups standing as if they are an entity to be considered equal to a human and a Human Right is to warp the notion of a a sentient being to be that as equal to a robot, i.e. trading computer programs, blocks of interest such acting with the same power as a State, and so forth.

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