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Political Corruption Amendment

1. Set limits on any concrete (money, gifts) or abstract (favors, votes) rewards given to politicians while in office or campaigning.
2. Prohibit elected officials from lobbying 2 years before and 7 years after holding office.
3. 75% of all funds raised for an election candidate must be collected from people who can vote for said candidate.
4. All political entities must disclose the source of contributions within two weeks in a manner easily accessible to the public.
5. Candidates may only use $500,000 of their own money on campaigns.
6. Ban leadership PACs (Political Action Committees); because they create distance between the elected official and constituents while in office.
7. Hold state-by-state votes allowing voters to decide if term limits should be imposed on all elected officials.

Christopher Pursley , 22.10.2011, 00:18
Idea status: under consideration


Jonas Malachi, 24.10.2011, 22:07
I think this is a sound summary of the most important change to be entered in the US legal system by the new presidential elections.
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