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Election Reform

1. Voters may never obtain evidence of how they voted. This will cut back on buying votes.
2. After voting on any electronic device, a receipt must be printed showing how that person voted. The voter must verify the accuracy of the receipt then place it in the ballot box. The paper receipts will be the sole source of election results. The electronic results will be used simply to verify results. If the two results greatly disagree, then voting fraud may have occurred, and the courts must decide how to continue.
3. Illegal aliens may never vote until legal residents. Doing so would be a felony leading to permanent deportation.
4. A year after leaving prison, a convicted criminal will have his or her voting rights restored.
5. The polls on Election Day must be open from 7AM until midnight.
6. Exit polls and intermediate tallies may NOT be announced until final election results are announced. They cause low voter turnout by depressing hopes of late voters.
7. Ballot boxes must be see-through and in public view at all times.
8. Absentee ballots must also be see-through and videotaped at all times until being delivered for counting. The taped surveillance must be made public on the Internet.
9. Election Day must be a national holiday.
10. Ban any form of alcoholic sales on Election Day.

Christopher Pursley , 25.10.2011, 01:31
Idea status: under consideration


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