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Let taxpayers choose where their money will go.

"The Petition of TAX Choices will make our government more transparent and effective. Our government will let taxpayers choose where their money will go, by setting up accounts for different government departments. For example, there will be social security account for elderly and economically challenged people; health account for hospital services, and education account for school and training, a transportation account for roads and bridges, as well as a defense account for military. Every quarter the government departments will have the mandate to publish a report telling taxpayers how much money they used and how it was allocated. Additionally, the report will estimate how much money the government will need for the following quarter and for which departments, however the taxpayers will deposit their money wherever they consider more important. There can be a pending account for overflowing funds from other accounts or for someone who has no choices. The pending account maybe used for the underfunded but valuable departments."

ediblescape, 26.10.2011, 08:32
Idea status: under consideration


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