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Have 1 House of Rep to 30000 people

When our republic started a typical house member represented 30000 people. Lets go back to that. Change the system so that house of reps don't have to go to Washington and can simply electronically vote on bills. Have a system like wikipedia that various legislators can use to put together legislation.

The reason why I believe this is important is that it requires so much money to get elected in house seats today that only people with money can. This will allow a wider variety of people the option of running. Also 1 determined person can walk/drive a district of 30000 people, money is needed as much

chrisrob1111, 27.10.2011, 07:09
Idea status: under consideration


None, 28.10.2011, 23:42
30,000 might be a small number, but I like the fixed number aspect as well as the telecommuting congress idea. It is a waste for someone to move to DC for 2 years when they are campaigning every other year anyway.
Econ_101, 09.11.2011, 04:55
1 rep per 30,000 would mean there would be 10,000 members of congress. Doubt they would get much done..that might be a good thing. Also with that many congresspersons their lobby efforts wouldnt be that effective. But then they would have to rent Redskins stadium to meet. And then they couldnt meet in the winter. They might move to someplace warm...like San Diego. No, lets keep them in DC, San Diego already has too many crooks
ddd, 13.06.2012, 18:19
The number 30000 should be much higher but it is still a great idea to raise the size of congress.

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