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Unanimous direct democracy by the people.

I think I saw someone put something similar about voting via internet. I propose we eliminate representatives who are alienated from their constituents. We should move to a situation where each individual gets to vote on ALL proposed legislation. The only thing that our "representatives" would do is to propose new laws, find experts in the subjects to debate the topic publicly, and take proposals from their constituents. Their vote would be equally as strong as the rest of Americas. It is completely possibly since the internet is EVERYWHERE. To avoid fraud we can have some sort of corneal recognition program, or thumb print program. For skeptics, just think about our system currently. It is broken. The representatives represent themselves and base their votes off of their experience or whomever has lobbied them. My system isn't perfect but it is the first step away from corporate rule. Everyone would become representatives, everyone could lobby and be lobbied. Political activism would grow tremendously if people knew they had a say, even if a small one, over their own destiny.

Daniel , 08.11.2011, 19:28
Idea status: under consideration


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