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Voting systems to promote real choice

The plurality system inevitably leads to a two-party duopoly; that's called Duverger's law. Just as a commercial monopoly leads to higher prices and poorer service, this duopoly brings more corruption and less responsiveness.

There are several election systems which could improve this, with varying advantages. Instant runoff voting (IRV) is the best-known, but even better systems include Proportional Representation, Approval Voting, SODA voting, Majority Judgment, Condorcet Voting, and Range Voting. Even simple second-round runoffs would represent a real improvement.

Rather than writing an amendment to require just one of these systems - and perhaps missing out on an even-better system that is invented tomorrow - a constitutional amendment should lay out the principles by which election systems should be chosen. These include effectiveness (if all voters vote honestly, gives a result that is well-liked by the electorate overall); resilience (if all voters try to vote so as to gain a strategic advantage, the system still gives good results); and fairness (reduce the chances that a united minority of strategic voters can take advantage of the system to elect whomever they want). All of these attributes can be quantified mathematically and/or empirically, and all of the above-mentioned systems do better - often dramatically better - than plurality voting on at least two of the three measures.


Jameson Quinn , 17.11.2011, 16:05
Idea status: under consideration


Jameson Quinn, 17.11.2011, 16:23
This is not just an idea to promote third parties. Even without unfair advantages, there would still be two parties which were stronger than the others. But with real competition nipping at their heels, they'd stay more responsive and less corrupt.
Jameson Quinn, 17.11.2011, 16:24
Another URL for signing on to the declaration linked at the bottom: http://www.askforit.com/3933/Declaration-of-Election-Method-Reform-Advocates.html
edward machnik, 19.12.2011, 16:35
There is nothing wrong with the method of electing the President. What's wrong is the barriers to entry for apposing parties to thrive.

One change to the Electoral College method should be that only a pluality of votes be needed for election. This would spure on more Third and Fourth party candidate.

Wouldn't it be nice to elect a President not beholding to Republicans or Democrats.
edward machnik, 19.12.2011, 16:41
With regard to only a pluality of Electoral Colege votes: CAN YOU SAY PRESIDENT TRUMP.
WK, 04.01.2012, 02:18
I love this idea. We are arguably he most technologically advanced nation on earth - why can't we have the most statistically sound voting system? I would vote for this change in a heartbeat.

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