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Ban Abortions

Overrule the Supreme Court in the flawed decision in Roe v Wade. Abortion can not be found in the Constitution; but in the minds of liberal justices legislating from the bench. Abortion is morally wrong. It can not be defended on moral grounds, period!

Edward Machnik , 10.12.2011, 21:09
Idea status: under consideration


PF, 25.05.2012, 16:51
Small thinking people should not be allowed to post amendement options. There should be an anti-vote ability that removes bad amendement ideas when x number of votes against reaches a certain level in relation to the votes for. Abortion law has no place in our constitution.
Edward machnik, 26.05.2012, 04:05
PF, do you always name call with people who don't agree with you. Please check the size of you brain.

The Supreme Court legislated from the bench in their flawed liberal ruling that abortion is constitutional based on the 14th Amendment "right to privacy" while at the same time saying there was no "right to privacy" in the Constitution but only the roots of it. Sounds weaselly? It is.
Since you are of superior intellect, please defend the 55 million abortions since Roe on MORAL GROUNDS. You can't because abortion is morally WRONG!
Have fun with it and don't strain your small mind!
edward machnik, 26.05.2012, 04:11
Scanned all the suggested amendments to the Constitution. I couldn't find any original thought from you, PF.
Me thinks you are just in the criticizing business.
mcmaced, 13.06.2012, 18:58
Me thinks you should scan the posts again. You must have a clunky windows computer.

I am the only one demanding the repeal of the 16th Amendment. Most Americans don't realize damage it has done to Liberty. it is the "blank check" Amendment that removes any controls on Congress' power to TAX. Try reading it.
NomosSoter, 17.10.2012, 09:56
Morality is a religious issue that should be separated from government. Only the most crimes detrimental to the individual or society should be prohibited and only at the state level. A woman raped by her father and carrying a deformed child in her womb to term is tantamount to slavery of the woman and needless lifelong suffering of her child. If you find abortion reprehesible instead of blowing up clinics and threads get together with your church and congregation and pursuade these girls to let you adopt every child they want to abort. 55 million kids most with genetic defects should be manageable for you right.

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