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Verification that Congressmen have read all Bills

On every Bill written by Congress, each member must swear to have read and agree with every word written.
No more weaseling.

edward Machnik , 12.12.2011, 00:59
Idea status: under consideration


David Jacobson, 11.06.2012, 19:06
And if they don't read it they don't get to vote? What would be the repercussions for not reading the bill? What about if their assistants read the bill? Is that good enough? I think if this were to pass Congresspeople would be too busy reading each bill to sign any one of them into law. Having said that, I agree with the sentiments, I just don't agree with the solution.
edward machnik, 11.06.2012, 20:56
The legislative staff writes the bills. Congress is a bunch a lazy political hacks.

Take Obamacare for example: It is growing daily, no one could read the thousands of pages forced down the throats of members in the middle of the night. I have proposed elsewhere that all billsshould be no longer than a single page, written by congressmen. An all bills should be mailed to every household. The people have no idea how much money is being wasted by these yahoos.
dawidio, 11.06.2012, 21:05
I agree that bills have become absurd in their wording and need to be truncated and legible. I think maybe the spending it would take to mail out all bills would, in and of itself, represent a huge government waste. Having them on the web, however, would be a legitimate way of dealing with the problem. And for those Americans who do not have computers, there are libraries or friends' homes that would suffice. I do agree that most in Congress are lazy and out of touch. However, with such a diverse multi-cultural/ethnic/gender society, those documents have a lot to live up to as far as reaching everyone while denying no one - and at the same time covering loopholes that would lead to greater legislation or mishandling by savvy lawyers.
mcmaced, 12.06.2012, 14:08
Sure, the internet would a great way to distribute the one page bills. As for the cost, the savings alone by illiminating wastefull spending would pay for mailings thousands of times over. My other post included leveling the Capital and conducting congress from the home states via the internet with citizens observing them. Congressmen would have to punch a time clock and get paid on an hourly basis. No material would leave the place of work of the congressmen. They would be strip searched upon leaving and coming.

As far as reaching everyone, UPS would deliver copies of bills to homeless people . Everyone will know what and how much congress is spending. Earmarks will be extinct.

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