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Congressional Accountability to the People

1. Public Financing of Congressional Campaigns

2. Term limits- perhaps 24 years for Senators, 16 for Representatives

3. Salary tied to rate of inflation

4. No lobbying 2 years before or 10 years after serving in Congress

5. No gifts of any kind

6. Retirement is Social Security only

7. Health plan is Medicare or at personal expense

I think this amendment has many advantages. It gets the money out of politics. Corporate personhood is not addressed because it is no longer an issue with public financing. It takes advantage of the historically unprecedented anger at Congress, making this an issue of neither the left nor the right, thereby making it more likely to pass in both Red and Blue States. It would also make a third party candidate more viable with public financing.

MarinaMoonlight, 21.01.2012, 16:56
Idea status: under consideration


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