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We need a balanced budget amendent.

The federal budget should be balanced on a yearly basis except in times of war that has been declared by Congress

Ken Watts , 24.01.2012, 02:45
Idea status: under consideration


Pete_G82, 19.02.2013, 22:20
While I'm no Keynesian for any constitutional amendment to be truly inclusive, an exception for a recession should be included. Also add a 2/3rd majority exception....I can imagine highly unlikely scenarios (supervolcano, meteor, etc) that require breaking the rule.

Other possible improvements.

1) Narrow the war exception, specifically define peace. I would say something along the lines of peace is automatically declared with a ratified peace treaty, or if congress fails to reauthorize the war on an annual basis.
2) Define balanced as projected revenue, previous year's revenue, or average of past 3 years revenue.
3) Take out on a yearly basis. Technically congress could pass a balanced budget, and then proceed to break it for the next 364 days. What you really want (I think) is to say all spending should be deficit neutral unless it falls under an exception.
Robert Becker, 17.08.2013, 11:26
I suggest we have a Federal Sales Tax on ALL purchases - to include purchases from other countries - that ALL Citizens And Business Entities (No Tax Write Off) - so that the Federal Budget is a direct result in the Economic Health of the Country - and absolutely limits the Federal Government from spending more than is in the budget fund.
This would insure the continued Economic Health of our Democratic Free Enterprise System which as created the Highest Standard of Living in Human History - And, be a Fair / Balanced / Uncomplicated Funding of our government - And, eliminate the IRS

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