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Repeal 17th Amendment

Originally, the Framers of the US Constitution, designed representation in Congress to Come from two sources: 1) the "people" > House of Representatives, and 2) the "States" > the Senate. In other words, Congress had two halves, one elected by the voters directly, and the other elected by the state legislatures. We tossed this idea out in 1913 and Congress has gone downhill ever since. The States are significantly weakened in Washington DC and Voter apathy is at an all time high. Imagine if the Senator in Congress had listen to your state Capital instead of to Exxon and A&TT in order to get re-elected!!!

Brian Horton , 04.03.2012, 18:22
Idea status: under consideration


Dave, 29.06.2012, 16:37
I agree with your observation that congress has gone down hill since the passing of the 17th amendment. Wilson and the progressives used this to wrest power from the states and put it into the hands of the general public, which with media help, is all too easy to control. The result has been the whittling away of state's power. Have you ever tried to contact your state senator as a constituant? I have, and they don't really have the motivation to address your concerns. Imagine though if you were a state senator. Imagine if the person on the phone were one of the 160 who could recall him tomorrow? I agree with you, the 17th amendment delt a blow to state influence on the federal government and we should go back to the controls that the founding fathers envisioned.

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