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Disband the Federal Government, End the Union

The federal government has proven to be a useless and dangerous organization capable of little more than starting wars and crashing the economy. Every good thing it tries to do the states have already done better.

The federal government is a waste of tax payers dollars, we need to end this so called Union.

sirhotalot, 31.03.2012, 12:54
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edward machnik, 17.06.2012, 16:39
I agree totally that Congress has become a useless bunch of clowns. All money to the Treasury should be held by the States until congressional spending can be ratified by the several States. Expenditures must only be for those roles SPECIFICALLY stated in the Constitution; ie NO SOCIAL SPENDING and no Education Department.

Only consumption taxes will be allowed to be collected by the several states. There shall be no tax on businesses. The rate of tax shall be determined by the States meeting in Constitutional Convention every two years. All budgets shall be for a two year period.

Congress shall meet quarterly and only for a period of one week. No pensions shall be afforded Congress. Congressional pay shall be determined by each State for their congressmen.

Congress shall be compensated for the 4 annual weeks of work taken away from their full time jobs.

All bills shall be a maximum of one single spaced page written without benefit of staff.

There shall be no secret meetings; and lobbyist shall be criminally prosecuted for interferring with Congress if they contact congressmen.

Electoral College votes for President shall be proportioned to the number of individual votes a candidate gets in the several States. A plurality of Electoral vote will be required to elect the President.
Charles, 29.06.2012, 13:11
I spoke with civil war historian James Robertson after his speech on the era leading up to the Civil War where he spoke about the incompetence of the leadership. I asked if he saw that pattern again and he replied absolutely.

So we can either wait until someone decides to start shooting or call a convention and dissolve the union peaceably. I would rather it be done in peace!
NomosSoter, 17.10.2012, 09:31
Living in The Republic of California we'd be just fine here. No confederacy though just seperate states. And since our economy is 8th in the world we can build an army here and start expanding. Manifest destiny right to the atlantic.

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