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Demolish Capitol Building: Make Internet Congress

All Congressional Business will be conducted from members home States in front of a live audience of registered voters selected similar to jury duty. All votes shall be displayed on electronic scoreboard.

All congressional members shall be paid on an hourly basis at a rate established by the Several States meeting in Constitutional Convention. Hours worked will be recorded by electronic means.

All laws and bill of attainer shall be limited to one page and written by the members themselves without benefit of any staff. Drafts of such laws shall be displayed realtime on TV screens for the observers to witness.

Only members of congress and the registered voter observers shall be allowed into the place of business. The press and TV media shall be barred from the place of business but may interview the observers.

Final one page laws and bills of attainer shall be mailed to every American household including voting records.

All congressional office space shall be in full view of the observers. No secret meetings will be allowed.

One 15 minute coffee break will be afforded the congressional members as well as an hour lunch break.

No documents shall be removed from the place of business. Members will be subject to a full body search when entering the place of business. Alcohol will be strictly forbidden from the place of business.

All vacation time for the congressional members shall be approved in advance by the individual States. Sick time will be paid only with the evidence of a doctor's note.

Congressional members may speak with the print and tv media; but immediated dismissal will be made for any lies told.

edward machnik , 26.05.2012, 04:41
Idea status: under consideration


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