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Max Tax

Set a maximum tax rate of 9% on consumption mandating no exceptions or exemptions to the tax. While eliminating all other forms of taxation.

The result would be a great deal of certainty. The corporate, individual and all other taxes would be eliminated. The citizens should be the only ones responsible for the funding of their government.

Elimination of corporate taxes would bring companies flocking to the USA creating massive numbers of jobs. Thereby raising salaries, wages and the number of employed. Corporations would no longer have the need to lobby congress for tax breaks thereby eliminating a need for lobbyists.

Congress would no longer be preoccupied with the tax argument of who needs to pay more taxes. The political argument would then turn to cutting expenditures in order to lower the tax rate for everyone.

Spiers , 13.11.2012, 20:56
Idea status: under consideration


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