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Term Limits on every political office

Term Limits on every political office in the nation shall be implemented to prevent abuse of power, or for that matter, gaining to much power.

F. Frances , 24.10.2011, 02:57
Idea status: under consideration


Sundayschild55, 18.01.2012, 04:29
I suggest that there be placed on those in congress a term limit of ten years in both houses combined so that no official may serve in excess of a total of 10 years in congress. To many people are making a "home" in Washington and no longer truly represent the people from the district from which elected. Further build a barracks for members of congress to live providing them the same living space to which a field grade officer in the military is entitled. Further the members family MUST reside in the district from which the member is elected and any children shall attend either public or private school in that district.
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