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Repeal of the 16th Amendment

The 16th Amendment removed the Constitutional control that the Founding Fathers required for Federal Direct Income Taxes. The Founding Fathers wanted Direct Taxes to be only levied according to the census. The 16th Amendment gave Congress complete and arbitrary power to tax incomes from whatever source derived without regards to the CENSUS.

Myself and many others have called this the "Blank Check Amendment" The repeal of the 16th Amendment is the single most effective way to control Congress' run away deficit spending.

Edward Machnik , 08.12.2011, 11:26
Idea status: under consideration


edward machnik, 19.12.2011, 19:09
Does anyone realize that there are no Constitutional controls on Congress? We need something, anything, please.
andy Tolley, 15.11.2012, 03:54
Federal revenue should come from a transaction tax levied on all transactions of 2.5%. This rate would replace all federal income sources; no moe income tax, gas tax, estate tax, corporate tax, etc. This rate would fund the government, at 2009 transaction total levels, with 4.68 Trillion dollars. Fully funding every program currently in existance with a 700 Billion surplus that could be applied to our debt. This tax would include all transactions; your wages, phone bill, electric bill, charitable contributions, stock purchases, investments, in effect any time money changed hands for any reason, 2.5% would be remitted to the Federal Government. The rate is low, would capture 95% of the economies fiscal activities, provides immediate income to the Federal government, but best of all, ensures every working American receives a 10% pay raise. This plan leaves more money in the local economy of every State, while still funding the Government with the resources it needs. We must face the reality, Our government is not going to get smaller, federal programs are not gfoing to be "cut", spending is going to continue until the system fails, and we are close to that date.
T Thompson, 15.07.2013, 21:16
Implement the FairTax, HR25. US citizens would keep 100% of their earned income before the government could get a hold of it. The poor would be completely untaxed. All Americans would be untaxed to the poverty level. Taxes would be paid on spending not earnings. The world's major corporations would move their business's here. The only thing they would not move here are the parts of their business that require local resources.
The US government would pay tax as well so as to keep the playing field level for private enterprise to compete in government bidding processes.
ALL Americans would be treated EQUALLY.

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