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Free Democracy Amendment

Free Democracy Amendment

1. Subject to the Fourth Amendment and barring violation to the rights of others, the right of a free people to be secure in their decisions of personal safety, activity, association, and property, shall not be violated.

2. The right of a free and democratic people to engage in Initiative, Referendum, and Recall, shall be exercised at all levels of government.

3. The provision of Patriot Dollars to voters for the sole funding of candidates at all levels of government shall be enacted to keep election campaigns free from the undemocratic influence of wealth.

4. The offering or acceptance of any item or service of value including the offering or acceptance of future employment involving a public official or candidate for public office of any branch or level of government shall be prohibited and punishable with equivalence to an act of treason.

Leo , 14.12.2011, 12:41
Idea status: under consideration


Leo, 15.12.2011, 07:55
5. Any communication between a lobbyist and a public official shall be public and open to the press.

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