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Extend Bill of Rights to Non-Citizens

All rights afforded to citizens of The United States shall be afforded to any persons in government custody or otherwise subject to the power of The United States Government, unless they are citizens of a country with which The United States is engaged in formally declared war.

nathanfh, 11.01.2012, 06:51
Idea status: under consideration


mcmaced, 11.01.2012, 14:46
This is a niave understanding of the Constitution. The Bill of Rights applies to the People. The courts are full of non-citizens whose rights are defended.
nathanfh, 11.01.2012, 17:12
Perhaps the amendment should be reworded to make it explicit that the only persons who can be legally deprived of due process and held in detention are prisoners of war, with war being formally declared by congress, as opposed toa military engagement instigated by the executive branch.

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