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Set Term Limits and New Guidelines for Congress

I propose to set term limits for congress, as a whole, to ensure that corruption and self preservation can no longer plauge our elected officials. We need our elected officials to truly act on the behalf of their constituents and this can be done through term limits. Every member from each house of Congress shall serve 3 years. Each member can serve up to two terms, in either house, but no more than two terms total. Once an elected official serves two terms, he or she will not be allowed to run for Congress again. This method removes the need to continually campiagn for a seat in Congress and provides the people with a more efficient means of maintaining continuity with their elected representative.

The second function of this amendment will be to hold elected officials accountable for their actions in an attempt to further reduce political corruption. Elected officials will be held to the same standards as each citizen is held in the United States of America. Therefore, if an elected official commits a crime, he or she shall be held to the same letter of the law as the citizens of the United States of America are held. Furthermore, if an elected official is found guilty of a crime, he or she can be removed from her post by a two thirds vote from both houses and a special election shall be held to replace that individual.

Kenneth Bennett , 16.06.2012, 13:22
Idea status: under consideration


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