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Limits on draft, National Guard

1. No person shall be conscripted involuntarilly into the armed forces of the United States, except that persons may be conscriped involuntarilly for service in the state militias or National Guard during times when a declaration of war, duly adopted by Congress under the terms of this Constitution, is in effect.

2. No person serving in a state militia or the National Guard shall be posted to serve at any location that is outside of the boundaries of United States territory. Only persons who have volunteered to serve in the regular armed forces or their reserves may be posted outside of United States territory.

(This will assure that if we ever draft people, they can't be sent outside of US territory; we can only send volunteers beyond our borders. This will impose something of a check on our politicians. For any military activity that they are contemplating outside of our own borders, they had better make a compelling and attractive enough of a case for it, or they may find it difficult to recruit enough people to do their fighting for them. On the other hand, this amendment does assure that we can draft people if we really do need them to defend the territory of the US. If we ever draft people and make them serve against their will at all, it should always be only in the actual defense of actual US territory.)

stefan_stackhouse, 18.06.2012, 18:25
Idea status: under consideration


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