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Congressional Spending Limits as Percentage of GDP

Congress may not spend more than 10% of GDP annually.

Brent , 13.12.2012, 21:54
Idea status: under consideration


Len Ivel, 03.01.2013, 16:11
I think this is the best single change we could make to get our government under control. I would make it in combination with a balanced budget requirement and think something closer to 15% might be appropriate. (That's the details) We have been taxing close to 15% level for some time and this should be primarily to limit spending rather than reducing taxes.

The thing that makes our economy so great is competition. Efficiency in business is the result of the necessity to satisfy the demands of customers within the limits created by completion. Spending limits established by the constitution and the demands of voters would put similar pressures on elected officials forcing them to find efficiencies and improve the economic conditions in the country.

There are many other suggested amendments being proposed here, good and bad, but we must solve this spending problem now and leave most of these other issues for future discussion. Please support this proposal as the main focus of a convention to be held ASAP.

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